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The Birdsafe Store has worked with avian vets and distributors for 12 years in finding the absolute best food lines for the health and safety of your pet birds. Your birds are special family members and deserve the best. We don't chance your bird's health to repackaged foods from bulk (many manufacturers such as Harrisons, ZuPreem, Totally Organics, and Goldenfeast discourage this practice), and we don't offer "home-made" blends that have not been formulated by avian nutritionists. Food blends are selected based on criteria that provide your birds with the best nutrition and safety, while giving them something fun to eat!

All these food blends have been given to our birds, from finches to macaws, so if you need help selecting a diet, we can help!
ZuPreem Smart Selects Higgins
Smart Selects™ is a healthy and balanced alternative to other daily bird food blends.
At Higgins Premium Pet Foods, our primary mission is to produce the healthiest, natural diets and treats for your feathered or furry pets. We formulate our premium seed blends with unique and exotic ingredients from the highest quality sources around the world. All of our foods and treats are free of any chemical preservatives. Our premium dehydrated fruits and nuts are the same that you would find at your top grocery stores. You’ll be tempted to eat those plump raisins and sweet papaya, but please save some for your bird!
Roudybush Soak & Feed Goldenfeast Premium Bird Foods
ROUDYBUSH Gourmet Soak & Feed makes cooking for your avian companion a snap; simply add warm water or your bird's favorite juice, let soak for 5 minutes, and feed your bird a Gourmet delight! ROUDYBUSH Gourmet Soak & Feed allows you to offer your bird fresh cuisine with less waste and simply mix the amount of food you would like for each feeding, no pre-preparation, no need to store in the refrigerator!
Goldenfeast® is a producer of gourmet foods for exotic birds, other pets and wild birds.  Since 1991, Goldenfeast® has strived to provide only the finest ingredients and formulas.  Our growth is attributed to offering excellent service and our unwavering philosophy, which is as true as the day the company was founded. We will change our formulas only to improve, never to cheapen.
Volkman Seed Kaylor Seed
Volkman strives to provide research based nutrition to their bird seed mixes. Volkman bird seed was one of the first bird seed companies to introduce vegetables, fruits, nuts, grains, and spices to their bird seed formulas
Kaylor seed blends for all size birds.
All-in-One Organics Lafeber
Organic seeds to serve dry, soaked, or sprouted.
Lafeber Avicakes and Nutriberries can be wholesome treats or balanced diets. 50 percent seeds, 50 percent pellets -- 100 percent nutrition!