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AcroBird Playland Gym 20
AcroBird Playland Gym 20' (Direct Ship)

AcroBird Playland Gym 20" (Direct Ship)

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The Acrobird 20" Playland is an all natural gym which encourages lots of healthy exercise during out of the cage playtime. With several different ladder configurations and two perch locations the 20" Playland offers small and medium size birds lots of exercise options and can accommodate two compatible small birds. Perches and hardwood ladders rungs are ribbed plastic to provide a secure grip and withstand chewing.All of the 20" Acrobird Playgyms are lightweight and easy for children to carry. You might add the Acrobird Medium Stand to create a fun freestanding, mobile play area.Durable hardwood constructionAppropriately sized perches for medium size birdsWedge assembled, no glueLaminated base for easy cleaninghardwood base moldingTwo food and water cups, swing and all hardware included. Easy to assembleThe Acrobird 20" Playland Might Be Used By Two Cockatiels or Small Conures or By A Large Conure ie Jenday or Cherry Head. This Versatile Playgym is also Appropriate For Small Parrots such as Caiques, White Fronts, even Timneh Greys..

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