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Brown's Encore Premium Canary/Finch, 1lb

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Encore® Premium is an advanced, nutritionally enhanced daily diet blended with the natural wholesome seeds and grains that canaries & finches love to eat: millet (a comfort food), canary seeds, oat groats, rape seeds, and thistle seeds! Brown’s® also adds our ergonomically shaped, twice-baked, colorful ZOO-Vital® Biscuits. All the fun shapes, sizes, and textures make this a stimulating diet that canaries & finches love!

• Advanced, Nutritionally Enhanced Daily Diet
• Natural Preservatives
• Wholesome Seeds, Grains, and ZOO-Vital® Biscuits

A Balanced Diet for Canaries & Finches
ZOO-Vital® Biscuits: Contain essential bacteria to support healthy digestion, as well as the vitamins and nutrients required for your canary’s overall wellbeing. 

Seeds & Grains: Are excellent sources of complex carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, and fiber. They’re low in calories yet provide high energy, and essential B vitamins aid energy utilization and the growth process..

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