Clay and Calcium Supplement, .55lb

Clay and Calcium Supplement, .55lb

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Benefits of Clay-Cal Calcium Enriched Clay Provides supplemental minerals that may be lacking in the routine diet. Has the capacity to adsorb toxic secondary compounds widely distributed in plant foods Protects the gastrointestinal tract from chemical and biological irritation and thus helps to counter gastrointestinal disease. Elevates the pH factor in the digestive system to promote good health and resist disease. Can act as an antacid protecting the gut lining from corrosion. Improves food intake as it protects the GI tract from chemical and biological irritation. Is a healthier alternative to common gravel-grit. In the wild, some bird species, such as parrots, instinctively flock to rock outcrops, or clay licks, where they go to detoxify their digestive systems after consuming toxic food or to add missing nutrients to their diet. This process is called geophagia, which is the consumption of soil or clay for dietary benefit. Experts believe that consuming clay provides supplemental minerals such as calcium that may be lacking in natural diets as well as helps eliminate dietary toxins in digestive systems.companion birds chew on wood toys, branches, or perches, they may pick up fungi, more bacteria, tannins in the wood, or a few other undesirables along the way. Clay-Cal has the ability to pass through the birds system, pick up and hold all of these impurities and safely carry it out in their waste. Clay-Cal will not undo a severe toxic exposure – but will help birds deal with the casual exposure that often goes undetected in everyday life. Clay-Cal is not grit and will not impact in the crop. As seed diets are low in calcium, supplementing with calcium-enriched Clay-Cal helps with healthy bone development. Clay-Cal helps to ensure normal development and maintenance of bones, feathers, nervous system, muscle function, blood clotting and cardiac function.

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