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Comfy Cross Perch - Large
Comfy Cross Perch - Large

Comfy Cross Perch - Large

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Comfy Perch Cross This easy-to-install cross keeps things fresh by spanning the cage in four directions, so your bird enjoys four comfortable perching areas. Made of soft cotton, specially woven for excellent grip, the Comfy Perch Cross is a sure fire way to keep your bird happy and make the most of the cage environment. Features. Colorful, non-toxic cotton provides visual stimulation. Durable, tight weave ?ú Strengthens and soothes tender feet. Promotes exercise and play. Helps relieve cage stress and boredom, and related activities such as excessive feather picking. Quick installation (25" perch should be twice the span of the cage for proper fit). Great for smaller sized birds Item Specifications: Size: Small: (5/8"DIA x 25"L); for Parakeets and other small birds Medium: (7/8"DIA x 25"L); for Lovebirds and other medium birds Large: (1 1/8"DIA x 25"L); for Macaws and other large birds

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