Earn Rewards!

Earn while you shop!

For every dollar you spend on products at The Birdsafe Store, you will earn 1 Reward Point.  Once you have accumulated some points, you can begin shopping with them -- once you are logged into your Account, there will be a new button added to each Product Detail Page -- remember to click on the Product title or image and not the "Quick View" button -- that new button will show the number of points needed to purchase each item.  Shop for your regular items you need or add some fun new toys or parts with your points.  From time to time we will run special events where earning points will be doubled or even tripled!  So make sure you are subscribed to our Newsletter to know when those events are happening.

Other ways to earn points.

You can earn 15 points for each "quality" product review you submit -- remember, a quality review is one that is descriptive of both the product you are reviewing as well as the type of bird you purchased it for.  While we appreciate reviews that say "Great Store" -- "Great Prices" -- etc., those really don't help other customers in making purchasing decisions and they won't be approved to earn points.

You can earn 50 points for subscribing to our Newsletter.  If you haven't already, enter your email in the box at the bottom of each page to sign up..

And earn 250 points for referring a friend who ends up making a purchase!  At the bottom of this page there is a box that says "Earn Rewards" If you click on that box a larger box will pop up showing how many points you currently have and a link to look at your points in your account.  If you are not logged in, the box will have a link to sign in, you can then return to this page and load the box again.  Also on this box is a link that says "Earn More Points" -- if you click on that link, a new box will display the link to refer your friends.  Do not edit or change the link code as it specific to your account -- you can click on the Facebook, Twitter or Email icons to send your referral code.  Your friend(s) are sent an invitation to shop at The Birdsafe Store along with the New Customer discount code.  Once they make a purchase, the points will be added to your account!

Questions about the Rewards Program you can always contact us, but you should first watch the Video on our "Helpful Videos" menu choice.

Earn Rewards!