In our attempt to keep you informed as to your orders and account, we currently send each customer the following emails: 1. Order confirmation -- that email you receive immediately after placing your order. This is vital to make sure you have entered the correct information and ordering the correct items. 2. Order processing -- this usually happens 2-3 business days following your placing an order - it just lets you know we're working on it and will be shipping soon. Anther chance to catch mistakes. 3. Order shipped -- email that contains tracking and carrier information. 4. Order delivered - your order has arrived! This is good to get via mobile device so you know your order is there for you to get! 5. Rewards notification -- just lets you know how many Rewards Points you have in your account following an order (if you created an account) We just want to know if you like receiving these emails --- are they important? Please take the pop-up survey to let us know.
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