The Birdsafe Store now offers FedEx SmartPost upfront for you to choose as a shipping method. As opposed to FedEx Home Delivery, where FedEx controls your package from pickup to delivery, FedEx SmartPost can offer you some savings by using the FedEx SmartPost Hub System where they transport packages eventually to your local post office for final delivery. So even though you are using "FedEx", you package will be delivered by your mail carrier (or delivered to your PO Box). Pros and cons: FedEx SmartPost is less expensive than Home Delivery or Ground shipping, and generally less expensive than Priority Mail (though Flat Rate is cheaper in some cases), it takes longer for your package to arrive. If you generally would receive a Home Delivery package in 4 days, SmartPost might take 6. There are no address restrictions - SmartPost can go to any address the Postal Service delivers to, including PO Boxes. Conversely, if you are in a rural setting where you don't get regular mail service and your mail goes to the post office, make sure you use the post office address for delivery. The customer is responsible for any additional charges due to redirect of packages. Hope that helps! Joe
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