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From time to time food manufacturers change ingredients, and sometimes they note the changes on their packaging and other times they don't. The Birdsafe Store cannot be held responsible for changes in ingredients when we are not made aware by the manufacturer or distributor of these changes. When we know changes are made, we update the site, but we cannot -- nor should anyone assume that we can -- check each package of food that comes in to see if the ingredients match what we have listed on the website. This also goes to size issues of certain food items -- from time to time the weight of a particular ingredient may change dramatically, thus changing the net weight of a food item while giving you the same "volume." This is especially true of Just Organic Fruits and Veggies as well as Goldenfeast food items. A "medium" jar's weight may fluctuate up or down and yet the price be the same. The Birdsafe Store will ship you the correct size that you ordered, but we cannot be held responsible for fluctuating weights of those items.
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