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Guide to Companion Parrot Behavior
Guide to Companion Parrot Behavior

Guide to Companion Parrot Behavior

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A companion parrot is to bird lovers what a favorite lapdog is to canine owners--a friend through thick and thin. But lapdogs can only bark or whimper: parrots can actually talk to their human companions! This book offers a wealth of advice on such topics as choosing between a young parrot and an older bird, selecting and training a talking parrot, modifying some of a companion parrot's behavior traits and periodically reinforcing behavior changes, keeping the bird groomed and away from household safety hazards and virtually all other aspects of care. The author, a respected parrot expert, discusses ways of coping with occasional problems that include excessive screaming and feather chewing, and describes general differences in behavior among various companion birds--budgies, lovebirds, cockatiels, macaws, conures, lories, and others. The book's closing section recounts engaging anecdotes about companion parrots, including the story of a bird owned by First Lady Dolly Madison.

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