Java Trees

Select your Java Tree! What You See is What You Get!. Below are the available types and sizes of trees and tabletop models, followed by a link to available units.  Prices will vary within each category.

AE500M - Medium Tabletop 
AE500L - Large Tabletop 
AE500XL - X-Large Tabletop 
AE250S - Boxed (smaller footprint) Small Branch Tree 
AE250M - Boxed (smaller footprint) Medium Branch Tree 
AE250L - Boxed (smaller footprint) Large Branch Tree AE200S - Small Branch Tree (larger footprint) 
AE200M - Medium Branch Tree (larger footprint) 
AE200L - Large Branch Tree (larger footprint) 

Click Here <-- link to find your tree!

Note: Please be aware that at any given time the tree you wanted may have already been purchased by someone else.  

Please call us to place an order. We cannot determine availability prior to ordering. Once you place an order with us by phone, we will process the order at A&E and inform you of its availability for you to decide to cancel or choose another unit prior to you being charged.

Note: Disregard the "log in for price" on the A&E website, that is only for us -- for each tree listed there will be a "MSRP" and a price for that tree listed directly beneath the Product Features section.  That is the price for that tree (including shipping).

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