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Momma Bird Happy Bird Day
Momma Bird Happy Bird Day

Momma Bird Happy Bird Day

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All your birdie has to do is taste Momma's Happy Bird Day Loaf to remember that when it comes to birdie bread, Momma knows best. One beak full of Momma's celebratory loaf packed full of strawberries, bananas, coconut, orange, peanuts and sweet potatoes makes it undeniable that when it comes to partying, Momma also knows best.Ingredients: sweet potato, carrots, apples, strawberries, orange, banana, coconut, peanuts, quinoa, flax seed, buckwheat groat, millet, polenta, and whole wheat flour.Foil-lined bag, 10 ounces.Each bag of Momma Bird's Cafe Birdie Bread bakes up two 3 x 5 loafs or 46 mini muffins or an 8 x 9 brownie pan...makes about 3 lbs of actual bread when baked.

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