Now you can earn even more Rewards Points to use on shopping trips :

1. Earn 25 points for every quality Product Review you submit -- after you make a purchase and your products have been delivered, you will be sent an email with an invitation to write reviews on the products you purchased. Read our Blog post on Product Reviews and Questions for more information, but a "quality" review needs to include information about the product and the type of bird you are getting it for, not just "Great product!" 

 2. Earn 250 Points for referring a friend to our store and that friend makes a purchase! 

 At the bottom of this Blog Post there is a box that says "Earn Rewards" -- if you click on it you will be invited to create an account or if you are logged in, it will show you your rewards points balance along with a list of how to earn points and send your custom referral link to a friend!
Earn Rewards!