Parrot Behavior Modification

Parrot Behavior Modification

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The book is 100 pages and includes information on Mental Stimulation Toys, chewable Toys, Puzzle Toys, Physical Activity Toys, Perma-Toys, Physiological and Psychological Effects of Bathing, including Skin Hygiene and Hydration. It goes on the explain Sleep Habits/Sleep Deprivation, Avian Diet, including recommended food for parrots. Further, it covers Environmental Stimulation including Humidity, Full Spectrum Lighting, and Timers. Additionally, Cigarette Smoking, Allocation of Time in and Out of the Cage, Picking the Right Cage, Playpens and Climbing Trees, Wing Clipping Techniques and the Step-Up Command, Come and Stay Command, To Shoulder or Not To Shoulder Command, Dealing with the One Person Bird are covered. There are also Chapters on Bird Health including the signs of illness, possible causes and solutions. There is a list of common Household Hazards and Poisons and there are recipes.. By Charlie Harding.

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