Cooking Foods

From birdie breads to soak and simmer, great lines of cooking foods from Momma's Birdie Bread , Crazy Corn, Harrisons, and Higgins. Your companion birds want and deserve more in their daily diet than just seeds/grains/pellets and fruits and veggies -- spice up their lives a bit with these great cooking foods.

From birdie bread mixes from Harrisons and Momma to exotic concoctions from Higgins, your birds will enjoy a warm complete meal. What bird would resist a slice of Millet and Flax Bread? or perhaps an exotic bowl of basmati rice, couscous, or other great ingredients spiced up from the exotic corners of the globe?

  • Birdie Bread Birdie Bread
    Birdie breads offer a wholesome alternative to table foods
  • Higgins Worldly Cuisines Higgins Worldly Cuisines
    Higgins Worldly Cuisines are the natural, healthy foods that add variety to a companion bird’s daily diet.
  • Other Other
    Cook and soak foods from Volkman Seed Company
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