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A good companion bird diet starts with a trip to your avian vet to discuss your bird's health. With your vet's help, you can decide on a diet for your bird, consisting of pellets, seeds, grains, nuts, fruits, vegetables -- include fresh fruits and veggies daily. At our store, you can find a complete array of various pellets, mixed foods, seed mixes, and treats to round out a healthy diet for your birds.The Birdsafe Store has carefully selected a variety of food and treat items based on over 10 years of evaluating and using foods. Quality foods like pellets from Harrisons, Roudybush, TOPs, ZuPreem, and Scenic, as well as basic and gourmet seed and food blends from companies like Goldenfeast, Volkman, Lafeber, Hiiggins, and Kaylor are all selections we have made to offer only the best for your feathered friends. Foods by these companies have been properly prepared and analyzed by avian vets and/or nutritionists. For your birds' safety and health, make sure you rely only professional companion bird food and treat manufacturers and only purchase items in original manufacturer packaging. The Birdsafe Store only offers foods and treats in original packaging and does not repackage for sake of price or to provide samples. Your birds' health and safety is our utmost priority.

We challenge you to compare our products, pricing and shipping rates to any other vendor. Don't fall for "free shipping" gimmicks where you end up paying more!

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