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Pretty Bird Birdie Banquet, 3lb

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Birdy Banquet is a healthy blend of fruits, veggies, pasta and rice. Goodies for your bird include pinto beans, corn, potatoes, carrots, papaya, banana and more! Follow our easy cooking instructions, and in minutes small and large hookbills can feast on a tasty, nutritional meal! Birdy Banquet offers the variety your bird craves, while not skimping on great nutrition! May be prepared ahead and frozen for later use.

Cooking Instructions: Place four cups of water in a large saucepan and bring to a boil. Add one slightly heaping cup of bean mix from the Pretty Bird's Birdy Banquet, cover saucepan and boil for 20 minutes, stirring occasionally. Add to the cooking beans 2/3 cup of the pasta and vegetable mix, cover and boil for a additional 15 minutes, continuing to stir occasionally. Remove fully cooked Birdy Banquet and drain. Cool by rinsing with cold water, drain thoroughly, add one level teaspoon of Birdy Banquet vitamins to prepared portion and mix thoroughly. Birdy Banquet should be prepared fresh for each feeding; it can be prepared in advance but only if kept frozen. Prepare once a week and divide into individual servings in small freezer bags for frozen storage. At serving time, remove and individual serving and heat until thawed. You may use your microwave to heat, but cool to a proper temperature before feeding your bird.

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