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Our store policy and recommendations are that bags of food purchased should be used up in no more than 12-16 weeks, regardless of the size or regardless of storage (freezing, etc.) Some food items, such as Harrisons, have shorter timeframes based on manufacturer recommendations - Harrisons is 4-6 weeks -- and we will not sell at full price an item that has an expiration date that is at least that far out. Once an item reaches the 16 week mark, we will discount it. Make your purchases accordingly and if you have questions about expiration dates prior to purchase, please contact us to find out what they are if you are, for example, purchasing multiple bags. Most our items have expiration dates of a 10 months or more out, but sometimes they will get closer to that because of slow-selling items. But 4 months out is more than enough time for the item to be used up, otherwise you might be dealing with stale (or bad) food. Remember, each time you open a bag/container to get food out, you are letting humid air in, and air is the enemy of fresh food.
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