Product Reviews

We frequently get product reviews from our customers -- many of them say "Great Store!" -- "Great Service" -- or "Great Product, great price, great service -- thanks!" -- while we very much appreciate those remarks, those reviews really don't serve the intended purpose of helping other customers make good shopping choices.

Sometimes we get a fantastic review and I copy them to Facebook as examples.  Something like "This toy was great for my African Grey -- kept him busy for hours and hours." -- in this case it gives other customers who might have the same or similar birds something to go on that might be a good fit for their flock.

Or something like "My Eclectus really did'nt like this pellet." -- or "My cockatiel really liked the smaller size Nutri-berries."  Those are descriptive reviews that really help other shoppers!  We can all benefit from good information on product experiences.

Product Q&A

Just below a product title you will see text/link: Questions about this item? Be the first to ask here. -- or it might say "1 Product Question" below the title.  The purpose of this feature is to ask specific questions about the product that might not be explained in the Description or Ingredients List.

We frequently get questions like "What is the expiration date of this pellet?" -- not a good question -- because the answer will change over time.  This type of question is best serviced by using our Contact form or emailing us.   But use this feature to get more information that you might need in selecting a product.

Did you know you can also answer a question?  If a product has a question - it may or may not have an answer -- generally we try to answer questions here, but perhaps you have experience about that product that will help others.  So like Reviews, share your knowledge in helping others - if you see a product has a "Question" -- click on it and see if you can answer it!

Thanks -- Joe
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