Frequently we get calls or emails from customers who say they received their order and that something was incorrect about their order, wrong item was shipped, wrong shipping method, etc. Yet, when reviewing the order we find that in fact the order was correctly fulfilled and shipped. Even though customers may think they ordered one item and in fact ordered another, or selected a certain shipping method , there is no way that we on this end can know that something is wrong with what we see. As a small bird-only bird store, one advantage we do offer is that I may know a customer has ordered a certain type of food for years and all of a sudden they are ordering something different. If I can remember such occasions, I contact them and usually save from having an issue.

It is vitally important that you follow the following steps when ordering: 

1. Review your shopping cart before hitting that final checkout button -- make sure you are ordering the items you indeed want. 

2. Make sure your shipping information is correct, as well as billing information, and that your shipping method is correct. 

3. After placing the order, make sure you receive a confirmation email and review it for correctness. If you do not receive a confirmation email, or something is wrong, contact us. 

4. When you receive your shipping email, once again make sure your order is correct. There is still time to fix it perhaps if you contact us IMMEDIATELY. Once packages are picked up at about 4:30pm EST, ti's too late.

If you do receive something that is not wrong, we want to make sure you get the correct items, but you must understand that we cannot be responsible for any shipping charges in replacing or re-ordering items that were mistakes by the customer. Joe

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