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Parrot and Pet Bird Toys

Toys, toys, toys! Our toy selection only includes toys we have found to be not only safe but liked by birds. We don't just add all toys available to us. Every toy here has at least been looked at and considered for safety and fun, if not tested by our own birds. Our Birdsafe Toy line gives your birds not only some of the safest toys around, but ones we have found to be extremely liked by a wide variety of birds. "Toys Your Birds Want!" Keep in mind that sizes of birds is really open to personal interpretation. We interpret and classify bird toys as follows: X-small: Canaries, parakeets, finches Small: - Cockatiels, small Conures Medium: Conures, Poicephalus parrots, Caiques, Timneh Greys Large: Congo Greys, Amazons, Mini-Macaws, Small Cockatoos X-Large: Cockatoos, large Macaws

  • Preening Toys Preening Toys
    Toys that allow birds to use their natural preening desire.
  • Sidemount Toys Sidemount Toys
    Sidemount toys provide a different angle from conventional hanging toys.
  • Pinatas Pinatas
    A wide variety of paper and shredder based pinata
  • X-Small Bird Toys X-Small Bird Toys
    Toys for x-small birds like canaries and finches, smaller parakeets.
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