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Scenic Hand Weaning, Amazon, 2lb
Scenic Hand Weaning, Amazon, 2lb

Scenic Hand Weaning, Amazon, 2lb

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Growing up in captivity is made a lot easier when there is a comfort food just like mom used to make. Use Scenic™ Hand Weaning Food to teach juvenile birds to eat and adult birds to cope. Available in original and high energy formulas.

Scenic Hand Weaning is beneficial to medium to large-sized birds that are weaning. Amazon Hand Weaning and Macaw Hand Weaning are perfect for medium to large-sized birds that will benefit from a higher fat basis during stressful transition.

Scenic Hand Weaning Food is served warm and wet. Simply heat up the water and soak the food. In 2-3 minutes, your bird will be eating out of your hand.

General Feeding Instructions

  • Store Scenic Hand Weaning in a cool, dry location while keeping it covered when not in use.
  • No refrigeration is required.
  • Do not use food that is old or shows signs of insect or rodent contamination. Never serve moldy food.
  • Provide fresh water to your bird daily.
  • Caution: Do not add vitamin and mineral supplements to this formula. This will upset the balance of nutrients already present in the food, causing potential contamination.

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