Toy Parts

The Birdsafe Store carefully selects toy parts in plastic, wood, vine, leather, rope and other materials, so you can rest assured that toys you make with these parts are safe and fun for your birds. From wood slats to munch balls to plastic and marbella beads, you can find all the parts you need -- and choose from poly rope (Paulie Rope), leather strips, and superior cotton rope to string all your toy parts and make wonderful and safe bird toys for all your birds, from finches to macaws, jenday conures to amazon parrots, from parrotlets to african greys, and from cockatiels to cockatoos. Have fun shopping so your birds can have fun playing!
  • Leather Leather
    Veggie tanned leather lace and toy parts
  • Plastic Plastic
    Plastic toy beads and shapes for toy-making
  • Wood Wood
    Wood toy parts for toy making projects
  • Rope Rope
    Cotton, sisal and poly rope for birds
  • Vine Vine
    Vine rings, vine/much balls, baskets, mats, etc. Great foot toys or make your own toys.
  • Other Other
    Bagels, Shredders, and other toy parts.
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