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Versele-Laga Orlux Lori 700g
Versele-Laga Orlux Lori 700g

Versele-Laga Orlux Lori 700g

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Product presentation
Orlux Lori contains all the nutritional elements that lories and fig parrots find in flowers in the country. Therefore, with Lori, it is much easier to keep these magnificent birds and to obtain good breeding results. The protein level meets the specific needs of these birds.

Directions for use
Mix the powder with water. According to the size of the bird, the mixture has to be more or less liquid. 
Refresh daily; in hot weather, refresh twice a day.

Analytical constituents
 Protein  15 
 Fat content  
 Crude fibre  
 Crude ash  5,50 
 Calcium  0,90 
 Phosphorus  0,60 
 Sodium  0,20 
 Magnesium  0,10 
 Methionine  0,35 
 Threonine  0,60 
 Tryptophan  0,20 
 Nutritional additives      
 Vitamin A  6.480 IU/kg 
 Vitamin D3  1.350 IU/kg 
 Vitamin E  76 mg/kg 
 Vitamin K3  2,65 mg/kg 
 Vitamin B1  6,50 mg/kg 
 Vitamin B2  14 mg/kg 
 Vitamin B3  18 mg/kg 
 Vitamin B6  5,50 mg/kg 
 Vitamin B12  0,03 mg/kg 
 Vitamin C  47 mg/kg 
 Vitamin PP  72 mg/kg 
 Folic acid  1,35 mg/kg 
 Biotin  200 µg/kg 
 Choline chloride  545 mg/kg 
 E160a - ß-carotene  3,90 mg/kg 
 E2 (iodine)  1,85 mg/kg 
 E4 (copper)  mg/kg 
 E5 (manganese)  90 mg/kg 
 E6 (zinc)  87 mg/kg 
 E8 (selenium)  0,18 mg/kg 

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