A couple of times a month I get asked the question: "Where are your toys from?" or "Are your toys made in China" or "Do you have any toys or parts NOT made in China or Asia?" I've been in the the business of bird safety and selling bird toys since 2000 -- long before social media and folks started reading posts online about bird toys and where they are made and "horror" stories about birds getting hurt or dying from "bad" bird toys. 

 My first reaction to the hype about toys and parts from China (or Asia in general) is: IT'S ALL CRAP. It's one of those things that I say "Don't believe what you read on the Internet all the time."

Here are some keys to purchasing safe bird toys and parts for your birds: 

 1. Choose a bird store that you trust has your bird's safety as a concern over making a profit -- there are many places to choose from (including The Birdsafe Store), and there are many that you should be wary of (but I won't name any here). But let me give you a couple of clues: A) if a store hangs bird toys on a display shelf near the floor so that all the dirt and dust is kicked up by customers walking by, they don't care too much about keeping those toys clean; B) a store that sells EVERYTHING that a certain toy manufacturer offers probably has not handled all those toys to judge them for safety. In my opinion, just because a reputable manufacturer makes a toy doesn't automatically make it safe (even though it is my Point #2 below) -- they simply cannot evaluate all their toys with all kinds of birds. 

2. Use toys from a Manufacturer you can trust -- at The Birdsafe Store we select toys from bird toy manufacturers that have been around for a long time and in most cases I have personally talked with the owners or managers about their toys. Manufacturers like Planet Pleasures, Caitec, Super Bird Creations, Fetch-It Pets, and many more make GREAT bird toys. 

 3. Lastly, and most importantly, KNOW YOUR BIRD - this goes to not only safety but to durability of a toy. Only you know your bird and what kind of trouble they might get into. 

 Our theory at The Birdsafe Store is: "Any bird can find trouble with any toy at any time." At The Birdsafe Store, we personally look at and handle every toy we select to sell to make sure it meets our standards; many times giving them to our own birds to test. There are no toys that we sell that we hesitate to give to our own birds, and IT DOES NOT MATTER IF THEY ARE MADE IN CHINA, MEXICO, or THE UNITED STATES! I can show you many toys that are made in the US that I would NOT give to my birds (or yours).
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