ZuPreem Fruitblend Parrot/Conures 17.5lb (Exp 4/19)

ZuPreem Fruitblend Parrot/Conures 17.5lb (Exp 4/19)

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EXP DATE: 4-30-19
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EXP DATE: 4-30-19 FruitBlend® Flavor with natural flavors provides healthy and delicious nutrition for everyday feeding for Conures, Caiques, African Greys, Senegals, Amazons, Eclectus, Small Cockatoos and other medium to large parrots that prefer this pellet size.

ZuPreem Fruit Blend is a nutritious diet designed to meet all the established nutrient requirements of various types of pet birds. Formulated by a veterinarian and Ph.D nutritionist, ZuPreem Fruit Blend combines the highest quality ingredients with strict standards of quality control to ensure your bird receives the highest quality nutrition. Because it is an extruded diet, the diet is more thoroughly cooked than a traditional pelleted diet. The higher degree of processing means it is easier for your pet bird to digest, which means your bird will utilize a greater amount of the nutrients contained in each particle of the diet..

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