I frequently get asked "What toys do you offer that do not come from China?" -- My answer is always the same: "Why are you concerned with where they come from?" That's because it doesn't matter where they come - it matters who makes them!

I can show you lots of bird toys and bird toy parts that come from China (or other Asian countries) that are much safer than some toys made in the USA. It's more of a matter of the manufacturer and the store you get them from. 

1. Why the manufacturer matters: -- Long-time bird toy makers like Caitec, Planet Pleasures, Super Bird Creations -- well, I have come to know and trust them, having purchased from them for over 20 years and given many of their toys to my own birds. Do I like ALL the toys they make? -- No - there are some toy designs that I simply think too many birds will find trouble with and even if they are made by a good company, you need to choose toys wisely. 

2. Why the store matters: -- well at the Birdsafe Store we physically look at and inspect every toy we sell, and give most of them to our own birds to try out. I will not offer an entire toy line or drop ship toys I have not laid hands on. I also very much consider feedback from our customers. You can help by doing good product reviews -- let us and others know how your particular type of bird interacted with a particular toy (or any other product).
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